Global Services

We know the Indian market well and have experience in helping a number of companies market a wide variety of products in India and abroad. Many of these products are leaders in their product categories.

Our Director, Mr. Bomi Doctor, has over twenty-six years of marketing experience in India and has traveled widely within India and to countries in South East Asia, China and Africa. He has successfully launched four new concepts in India, some of which have also been marketed overseas.

India is a vast country and has recently opened its doors for foreign participation. This then is the right time to enter India and the Indian subcontinent.

There may be many companies such as yours that would like to either open an office in India or find a partner/collaborator in India to increase your business.

So, if you are seeking a partner or an association with India, we being in India and having a thorough knowledge of India, can offer the following services to you.

1. Identify and finalize the right partner for your products.
2. Help you set up an office in India. The permissions required, government policies, registrations, etc.
3. Run a background check on your possible partners/agents/collaborators. This could include a financial status, market perception, consumer perception, industry views, etc.
4. Conduct a market study on your behalf for the market for your product categories, present scene, potential, growth rate, competition, market shares, etc.
5. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan for your products for the Indian market, positioning, competition, market share, including targeted sales, no. of retailers/dealers required, sales force required, expenses, advertising required etc.
6. Identify and finalize the right Advertising/Communication Agency for your product range.
7. We could be representatives of your company in India to guide and control your strategic partner and to give you timely and relevant feedback on the Indian market vis-?-vis your product.
8. Locate the right buyer for your product in India.
9. Locate the right manufacturer for the products required by you.
10. Identify and short list the manpower required for your operations in India or in your country.
11. Identify and finalize the right partner for your products.

Our aim is to provide the best service at a reasonable rate.
I am sure you will agree that you require somebody reliable to look after your business activities in the Indian subcontinent from your side so that under the proper guidance, your products do well.
Alternatively, we can help identify products from the international market suitable for the Indian subcontinent.